Coin-patterned rubber tile




Coin-patterned rubber tile is made from high-quality natural rubber graded by Thai farmers. It is non- toxic, non-harmful, and uncoated. It is excellent slip resistance with long shelf life.


  • Tough and flexible which withstands extreme weather conditions, heat and fire and does not shrink or expand with excellent anti-slip.
  • Absorbs noise or footsteps from traffic and provides a soft touch while walking.
  • Anti-dust and does not absorbs water or moisture and dirt so well. Due to its high-density surface, it is popular for wet and dry areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, parking lots, stairs, pet floors, slopes, elevated walkways, boats, trains, shuttle buses and factories as well as all types of industrial and commercial areas.
  • Easy to clean

Classic pastel coin-patterned rubber tile

Natural rubberModelPatternSize (mm.)Total thickness (mm.)
Natural rubberSTUD/ GLOSSYCoated coin-patterned500 x 5003.7
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